Divyat Mahajan

  • Graduate Student, MILA-Quebec AI Institute
I am a graduate student at MILA & Université de Montréal, advised by Ioannis Mitliagkas. Prior to joining MILA, I was a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research Lab India, where I worked with Amit Sharma on Machine Learning and Causal Inference. I had completed my undergraduate double major program in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

I have focused on causal regularizers to improve explainability and out-of-distribution generalization of deep learning models. In future, I plan to work on core problems in causality (causal effect estimation, causal discovery); along with its applications to develop robust ML models. I am also interested in general about optimization under uncertainity.

Research Interests:
Machine Learning | Causal Inference | Explainability, Out-of-Distribution Generalization and Robustness in Deep Learning

Causal Representation Learning & Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Causal Inference
Explainable Machine Learning